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The Story Behind Silver Rooster Towing

The seed for the name Silver Rooster Towing was sown when Steven saw a 9-ft. rooster for sale at a hardware store, and joked about buying it and stationing it in their front yard. Although he never did it, Kenison implemented her husband's plan when she came across a 4-ft. high rooster lawn ornament, which has since adorned their front yard. Inspired by the incident, Steven and Kenison chose the name Silver Rooster Towing as it is unique and stands out.

Our Commitment

Whitecourt-based Silver Rooster Towing is the result of the ongoing dream to diversify and meet the needs of our community and the people who live here. We're committed to making towing costs more predictable, and we offer seniors a discount as well. Additionally, we support local charities. Contact us for more information about our towing services.

Our History

Steven and Kenison Kloosterman are proud owners of Steve's Hotshot & Pilot Services Ltd., Outback Rentals and now, Silver Rooster Towing. Steven has been helping his father at #7 Auto Plaza since he was a boy. When Steven was just 11 years old, his father often took him out on trucking jobs. With a wealth of experience and a love for the industry that dates back to his childhood, starting his own trucking business was the obvious next step for Steven.

Our Family

Steven's family has been in the towing industry for 43 years, and he has a long history of family members being in the safety industry (paramedics, tow truck drivers, police officers, and more). At the age of 18, Steven used to be a full-fledged fireman in Ontario. Steven has over 20 years of trucking experience and established Steve's Hotshot & Pilot Services in 2004. The valuable experience gained while operating Steve's Hotshot & Pilot Services and learning on the job as a child has resulted in the establishment of this towing company.

More about Silver Rooster Towing

Who: The business is owned by Steven and Kenison Kloosterman.

Where: Based in Whitecourt, we are Federal carriers and can travel anywhere Canada.

For how long: Steven has been working with his father since he was a boy. He has a lifetime of experience behind him.

Why: It has been a long-time desire for Steve to start and operate a towing company.

When: You can call us any time—day or night.

What we care about: Our family is important to us, and we know yours is important to you. Helping to get you back on the road in the safest possible manner is our promise to you.

What we can do for you: You can expect reliable, safe service and peace of mind when you call Silver Rooster Towing.

How we do it: We're dedicated to keeping our promise, with help from our trustworthy staff and with your safety as our first priority.

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